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St Alphonsa – The Prophetic Funeral Speech by Rev Fr Romulus CMI

Nelson MCBS

We all have gathered here to attend the funeral rites of a young religious. This gem of a virgin, who would have contributed meticulous service to the world or would have become very famous by becoming a good house wife, a graduate, a poetess, a novelist, or a film star seems to have wasted her whole life on her sickbed within the four corners of a convent doing nothing great before the eyes of the world. But the world was quite unaware of this simple sick sister. This is quite evident from the bare minimum number of people gathered here for her funeral rites. But I, being one among the few who has known the deep interior life of this virgin very personally, declare with a conviction that comes from the depths of my heart, can ascertain that we are attending the funeral service of a virgin, who had gained…

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